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jenniebishop.jpg Bishop, Jennie
Musician. Lyricist. Foster mom. Pastor's wife. Author. These words only begin to describe Jennie Bishop. What they don't express is Jennie's sincere, God-focused spirit and heart for people, especially children, that combine to create stories not only to entertain but reach deeper to touch the lives of kids and adults alike. What prompted Bishop's desire to instill in children the value of purity? It began one night in her heart, the heart of a mother. One evening as Jennie looked over her two little girls as they slept, a recurring question came to her mind. How could she teach her then three and six-year-old the value of purity? Bishop relates, "The permissive society in which we live has always concerned me, especially in the case of my children. In kindergarten, my daughter was already talking to girlfriends who had 'boyfriends.' "In a world where the word 'love' is so overused and so inaccurately defined, I knew my responsibility as a parent was to teach my girls, even from their youngest ages, about the preciousness of their purity and the beauty of 'saving themselves for marriage.' So that night I asked God what I could do." Jennie's answer came in the form of a children's story, which is not surprising since she has been writing stories since her grade school years. That story was eventually published by Warner Press in the form of a children's book entitled, The Princess and the Kiss–A Story of God's Gift of Purity. Primarily geared for young girls, The Princess and the Kiss has gained much popularity with children and adults for the unique way in which it addresses the sensitive yet important topic of purity. As The Princess continued to gain momentum in the marketplace and in the hearts of readers, many began asking Bishop if she would be willing to write a similar book for boys. After prayerful consideration and spending many hours to get the story "just right," the resounding 'yes' to that question is Bishop's latest book, The Squire and the Scroll. Jennie continues writing and currently resides in Millington, Michigan where she collaborates on various creative projects with her husband, Randy, a worship pastor at their home church. The rest of her time is spent being mom to her two young daughters and a foster daughter who just recently came into their lives.

A Letter from Jennie Bishop
Say it with me: "It's about time!" About time to start giving young boys the same opportunities to commit themselves to purity that young girls have been given. After the incredible success of The Princess and the Kiss, it only makes sense to follow up with a book more geared towards boys. After all, what little guy wants a book in his room in full view that has words like "princess" and "kiss" on the cover? Eeeeew! So I'm delighted to present The Squire and the Scroll, the companion book to The Princess and the Kiss for boys. In this "less romance, more adventure" approach, a young man undertakes a quest to return the Lantern of Purest Light to his kingdom. The challenges he faces during that journey parallel the five "doors" (the senses) of the heart that we are advised to guard in Proverbs 4:20-27. My hope and prayer is that parents can encourage their young men to guard their hearts as the squire does ‹ especially their eyes, since most boys seem to really struggle with that one! I hope you enjoy looking around this site and learning more about me and the book. May God bless your efforts to champion the cause of purity in your home and family!

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 Join the princess as she discovers the value of her first kiss and experiences God's provision in a way she never dreamed!

The squire sets out on a quest to recover the Lantern of Purest Light

A companion volume for The Princess and the Kiss.
The Princess and The Kiss
The Squire and the Scroll
Life Lessons from "The Princess and the Kiss"
Price: $12.99

Price: $12.99

Price: $10.49

A companion volume for The Squire and the Scroll. Drawing on their rich Evangelical Christian heritage, the authors present 21 "life lessons" taken from the story.
Life Lessons from Squire and the Scroll
Price: $10.49