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It is hard to believe out of so much heartache, God could bring such healing and joy. I brought to the table years of a mistaken view of sex and love, an abortion, and a very hurting heart. God brought to the table kindne ss and mercy. And so a radical encounter with God began a radical life transformation. He gave me beauty for ashes... Forgiveness produced freedom. Freedom overflowed into a passion for truth. And this passion for truth has exploded into a passion to touch the next generation with a message of hope. I have been blessed to teach thousands of students over the last decade. To explain the beauty of honor and commitment in marriage. And that it begins long before the wedding day. In 1996, I began to channel this message of hope and truth into various secular and Christian teaching materials. Who would have thought it? Since then, God's message has expanded to girls day camps, college and women's retreats, marriage retreats, children's books, with books for grown-ups in the making. And so the journey continues... God has carried us through two miracle pregnancies, loss of a son, and a soul wrenching test of our marriage. But in all this "living" Jesus has revealed Himself more beautiful, more worthy of worship and love. And I am forever changed. Perfect love does indeed cast out fear.

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A 'marriage card' that slips easily into wallets and reminds teenagers of their commitment to save sex until their wedding day

How to recover from harmful sexual decisions

Señalador con un mensaje de castidad: "Cenicienta no se quitó su vestido para conquistar a su príncipe."
"No Toads" Chastity Card
Been There Done That
Cenicienta (Cinderella)
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Price: $0.35

Price: $0.35

Bookmark promoting chastity: "Cinderella didn't have to take off her dress to win her prince."

Señalador promoviendo la castidad: un sapo sumamente decidido pregunta, "¿Te parece que luzco como un príncipe? Asi que… ¿por qué malgastar tus besos?

A teen bookmark that promotes chastity by encouraging abstinence as a way of having romance without regret.
Me parezco un principe? (Do I Look Like a Prince)
Romance without Regrets
Price: $0.35

Price: $0.35

Price: $0.35

A bookmark promoting chastity and teen abstinence
True Love Test
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