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Wilson, Mercedes Arzu
Since 1968, Mercedes A. Wilson has been teaching and promoting the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning. This is the most widely used natural method being practiced in over 100 countries around the world and is available in 21 languages. Its success is primarily due to the generosity of a few donors, thousands of missionaries and volunteers who have given their lives to teach and train others around the world.
Published studies of the Ovulation Method from the West as well as the developing world, including The People’s Republic of China, have confirmed a 98-99% effectiveness rate in postponing pregnancy as well as a high success rate in helping couples achieve pregnancy. A recent comparative study confirmed that couples that practice this natural method hardly ever divorce.
The major difference between the pharmaceutical companies and Natural Family Planning is that we do not provide our services for lucrative purposes, but for the physical, moral, and spiritual wellbeing of married couples.

Mercedes Arzú Wilson is founder and President of Family of the Americas Foundation since 1977. The foundation i dedicated to defending the rights of the family in a secular world, particularly teaching and training instructors in the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning and in the formation of parents to remain as the prime educators of their children in matters of human sexuality.
Mercedes was very active at the United Nations during the 1995 Cairo conference, followed by Copenhagen, Beijing, Istanbul, and Rome. As the Guatemalan Delegate, she battled the liberal delegates and media who wanted to impose approval of abortion, sodomy and “sexual and reproductive rights.” She wrote numerous articles on the subject and is the author several books, one of which is already in 21 languages, and is the producer of several films/videos and educational materials for parents and teachers. From 1980 to 2006, Mercedes organized 22 International Congresses for the Family in 18 different countries.
She has received three Honorary Doctor Degrees and numerous awards for her work in the pro-life/family movement, most recently from Franciscan University at Steubenville. (Doctor of Humane Letters 2006)
In 1994, she was appointed as a founding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life by His Holiness, John Paul II, and continues to defend life from the moment of conception until its natural end.
Mercedes Wilson was married to Henry Hugh Wilson (deceased 2007), is the mother of three children and eight grandchildren. She can be contacted at: 301-627-3346 and/or