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1) Give couples an outstanding "marriage prep packet".


There is so much to learn! Each couple needs the best self-study resources we can provide. Years ago, a couple could rely on instinct, or support from the culture, or trial and error to get by. Our culture short-circuits most of this learning, so extra help is needed. Fortunately a wealth of resources is available. Many are very inexpensive and can simply be given to each couple, or their cost can be covered by a reasonable tuition charge. Some are more pricey, but are so valuable that they need to be mentioned.

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Ann Moell MD speaks to her patients from her heart about why she chooses not to prescribe contraceptives for them.

Many couples are realizing that contraception is not a good choice for them. The big question is, "What next?"

 A complete overview of modern Natural Family Planning
What About Birth Control?
What Do We Do Now?
What is Natural Family Planning?
Price: $0.35

Price: $0.35

Price: $0.35

Practically speaking, widespread use of contraception has led directly to massive increases of divorce and abortion. Personal union and yearning for fertility are written physically into the structure of sexual relations, and shutting down one of these aspects hurts the whole relationship.There are practical, workable steps we can take to regain the overflowing life that God desires for us.

 The good consequences for couples using NFP.

A bookmark that affirms that a man's real strength can be found in his character.
Why Contraception Matters
Why Use Natural Family Planning
You May Think.. (for boys)
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Price: $0.35

Price: $0.35

A bookmark that affirms that no matter what, you are worth waiting for.

Las buenas consecuencias para las parejas que usan la PNF
You may think… (for girls)
¿Por qué usar la Planificación Natural de la Familia?
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Price: $0.35

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